Structural aging in Li-ion battery electrodes

It is well-known that repeated use wears out rechargeable batteries. It is also well-accepted that part of the deterioration stems from degradation of the electrolyte. However, the aging within the electrodes are less explored, i.e. it is not known how repeated use affects the micro, nano and atomic scale structure of the electrodes or to what extent changes in the chemical composition are induced.

In this project, we investigate commercial Li-ion batteries, which has been used extensively (>5 years of continuous charge-discharge cycling). We utilize a range of characterization techniques to investigate the materials a multiple lenght scales.

This project is conducted in colloboration with Assoc. Prof. Daniel Stroe and Prof. Erik Schaltz at Aalborg University and Dr. Ulrike Bösenberg and Dr. Jan Garrevoet from Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg.

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