Group leader Professor Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk

DUA_DORTHE_RABNSBÆK_31Dorthe became Professor in Materials Chemistry at Department of Chemistry & iMAT at Aarhus University in November 2021. Here, she leads the research group focusing on synthesis and structural characterization of electrode materials for rechargeable batteries.
She holds a PhD degree in Nanotechnology from Aarhus University from 2011. Her PhD work focused on crystal chemistry of novel materials for hydrogen storage. Following her PhD, she worked two years at MIT at Department of Material Science and Engineering as post doctoral researcher within the group of Prof. Yet-Ming Chiang. Here she began working in the field of rechargeable batteries with primary focus on operando X-ray scattering studies. After her time at MIT, she became Assisting (2015) and Associate (2016) professor in Inorganic Chemistry at University of Southern Denmark, where part of her research group still resides.   


Post doctoral fellows

Ilham Bezza

Ilham did her bachelor’s and master’s studies at Marrakech University, MOROCCO. Her PhD thesis was shared between Marrakech University and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), GERMANY and was mainly focused on the synthesis of electrode materials; for Li-ion batteries; and there structural and electrochemical characterization. Afterwards she did a postdoc at Tours University in FRANCE about synthesis and development of electrode materials for Li- and Na-ion batteries. Currently, her work as a postdoc at Aarhus University focuses on implementing a correlation between zwitterions which are used as electrolyte additive binder and electrode coating, and the electrochemical performance of Li-ion battery.   

Martin Aaskov Karlsen

Martins project evolves around structural characterization of disordered and amorphous electrode materials by use of pair distribution function analysis, electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, electron microscopy etc.


Andreas Østergaard Drejer

Andreas’ project is a part of the ESS Lighthouse SMART, which aim to use neutron scattering techniques . Especially powder neutron diffraction is used to give a deeper insight into the atomic structure of electrode materials for rechargeable Li- and Na-ion batteries. This is combined with operando powder X-ray and total scattering experiments to elucidate intercalation mechanisms of the mobile ion used in the battery. The project is additionally carried out in collaboration with the company Haldor Topsøe A/S.

PhD students


Morten Johansen

Morten is focusing on chemical and structural investigations of layered electrode materials especially during disordering processes both due to ion-intercalation and reactions with the atmosphere during processing. For this he utilizes operando X-ray diffraction and scattering. Furthermore, he is developing methods for operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy in collaboration with Prof. Simo Huotari at University of Helsinki.  

Bettina Pilgaard AndersenBettina (2)

Bettina investigates disorder in electrode materials on the atomic scale. She is particular interested in understanding the very local structure and from this build knowledge on how this couples to longer length scales and electrochemical properties. In her work she especially utilizes total scattering and electron microscopy. 

Rebekka Klemmt

Rebekka is working on the development of advanced methodologies to investigate the atomic structure of disordered materials. The work is in cooperation with Espen Draht Bøjesen from the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience center, Aarhus. Thereby, she is combing results from x-ray diffraction experiments, mainly pair distribution function analysis, with results obtained from angular correlation analysis of scanning nanobeam electron diffraction patterns.

Marie Uth

Marie is an industrial Ph.D. student employed at Danish Graphene ApS and is supervised from the university side by Prof. Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk, Prof. Kim Daasbjerg, and Assoc. Prof. Steen Uttrup Pedersen. Marie investigates functionalized graphene materials as additives for lithium ion batteries, and their effect on electrode stability, capacity, resistance, and surface interactions.


Krestine Hofstedt Rasmussen

Krestine is an Industrial Ph.D. student employed at ROCKWOOL A/S. She is working on the structural characterization of stone wool fibers on multiple length scales. The work is in cooperation with Espen Drath Bøjesen from the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center, Aarhus University. In this project, Krestine will combine pair distribution function analysis from X-ray experiments with electron microscopy techniques, such as scanning electron nanobeam diffraction and electron energy loss spectroscopy, to investigate the compositional and structural make-up of stone wool fibers, and how this affects the fire stability of the fibers.


Master students

Jannie Kirk Verdelin

Jannie is working on developing an electrochemical cell for operando measurements on our in-house silver source diffractometer. When the cell is developed, she will study unknown phase transitions in materials like layered transition metal oxides.


Bachelor Students

Maria Schou Hansen

Signe Schiøtt Brummerstedt


Scientific Staff

Nanna Bjerre-Christensen

Nanna is a scientific assistant in the group, she is therefore involved in practical work including maintaining this website while also helping out with scientific work. The first tasks are to investigate the tomography of a commercial battery and studying the crystallization of xerogel under heating. Nanna also works with characterizing black mass from spent LiFePO4 batteries.




Alumni from the group:

2023 – Sarah Kathrine Nissen Pedersen (M.Sc.)

2022 – Christian Lund Jakobsen (post doc)

2022 – Christian Kolle Christensen (post doc)

2022 – Anita Vincze-Peter (M.Sc)

2022 – Mickey Sejerup Pedersen (M.Sc.)

2022 – Kasper Skovgaard Nielsen  (M.Sc.)

2022 – Mia Metz Jensen (M.Sc.)

2022 – Mia Sthisen Thomsen (M.Sc.)

2021 – Josefine Straarup (M.Sc.)

2020 – Bjarke Gilling (M. Sc.)

2020 – Daniel Risskov Sørensen (post doc)

2020 – Michael Tommerup Mikkelsen (M. Sc.)

2020 – Tanja Nicole Rosenqvist Dominey (B.Sc.)

2020 – Thomas Collin (M. Sc.)

2020 – Tobias Smedegaard Gestelev (M. Sc.)

2019 – Christian Henriksen (PhD)

2018 – Christina Frank Larsen (M. Sc.)

2018 – Jonas Hyldahl Christensen (M.Sc.)

2018 – Mette-Louise Pedersen (Lab-tech trainee)

2018 – Morten Vonsild Skjøde (M.Sc.)

2018 – Jeanette Hvam (post doc)

2017 – Anders Kring Clausen (B.Sc.)

2017 – Priscilla Huen (PhD)

2016 – Rajnish Dhiman (post doc)

2015 – Jette Katja Mathiesen (B.Sc.)

2015 – Pætur Johannesen (B.Sc.)


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