Nordforsk project – operando neutron studies

The Nordforsk post doc project is a collaboration between SDU and the research nuclear reactor FRM-2 located in Garching close to Munich, Germany. To conduct the research within this project, Post doc Daniel R. Sørensen is stationed at FRM-2 working at the SPODI beamline and as part of the ERWIN project.

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The project aims to develop the hardware and the skillset to perform operando neutron diffraction measurements on battery materials. Neutron diffraction is very similar to X-ray diffraction, but offers some distinct advantages such as,

  1. A much higher ability to detect light atoms and to distinguish between atoms of similar atomic number,
  2. A scattering form factor that does not depend significantly of the scattering angle, and therefore offers more information also at high angles
  3. A high penetration depth, which allows for probing of a larger portion of the material
  4. The ability to choose materials with a vanishing scattering power for the battery casing, which removes the need for diffraction windows.

The project compliments very well the activities already present in the group, and will hopefully allow for a more complete characterization of the battery materials under investigation.

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