Ravnsbæk Group @ Aarhus University

We are a team of researchers and students led by Professor Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk at Department of Chemistry and iMAT at Aarhus University and at Department of Chemistry, Physics and Pharmacy at University of Southern Denmark.

Materials for rechargeable batteries

Our research evolves around inorganic materials for energy storage and conversion. Our major on-going activities are focusing on materials for rechargeable batteries and span from material design and synthesis using various inorganic synthesis methods, material characterization with focus on structure and topology as well as battery fabrication and tests of battery performance.

Check out publications by the group or watch the video below to learn more about our research.

Video presenting Dorthes work for the Eliteforsker price (https://ufm.dk/forskning-og-innovation/forskningsformidling/eliteforsk/prismodtagere/prismodtagere-2023/dorthe-b-ravnsbaek). Note that the video is in Danish.

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